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The Crown Jewel system is a single-line telephone entry system that connects directly to your telephone line. Thus, you are called without the system having to dial through the telephone company's central office. As a result, the Crown Jewel does not generate telephone charges either on a monthly or per call basis.

The Crown Jewel system is capable of carrying out the following functions:

1. Visitor entry: The visitor presses the "#" key on the system's keypad. This switches your telephone line to the system and rings your telephone. You can then communicate with the visitor and allow entry at the main door or gate by dialing a "9". If the Crown Jewel is controlling a second door or gate, you would dial a "5" to allow entry at that location.

2. Call Waiting: If your telephone is in use when the visitor presses the "#" key, you will hear 2 short tones to signal that a visitor is attempting to call. You can then dial a "2" and the outside call in progress will be put on hold and the telephone will be connected to the visitor. If you allow entry (as described above), you will automatically be switched back to the outside call in progress.

You can also deny entry, hang the visitor up, and switch back to the call in progress by dialing a "". Alternatively, if you are talking with a visitor and you receive a normal phone call, you will hear two short tones at which point you can put the visitor on hold and switch over to the normal telephone call by dialing a "2" and back again to the visitor by dialing a "2" again.

If you forget that either the visitor or the normal phone call was left on hold and you hang up, your phone will ring (up to three times) with the call that was left on hold. You just pick up the telephone and continue your conversation with the party that was put on hold.

In a multiple unit installation, only two phone calls can be taken at one time. For example, if you are on a the phone on a regular call, and you get a visitor call from one unit, the call waiting beeps will sound and you can allow or deny entry. If, however, at the same time, another visitor calls from a different unit, he or she will get a busy signal and will have to wait until you have hung up or terminated one of the other calls.

3.Entry codes: You (and any one else you authorize) can have a unique 4-digit entry code. When this code is entered on the keypad, it will cause the door to open. The Crown Jewel can have up to 50 different entry codes programmed into it.

4. Time zones: You can restrict the use of entry codes by limiting the days and/or times that a code is valid and the door/gate at which it can be used.

5. Gate/Door monitoring: The installer can place sensors on the gate or door that the system controls to monitor the status. You can program the Crown Jewel to respond in one of the following ways if the door/gate is forced open or is held open 60 seconds after it should have been closed.

    a. Alarm call: The system will first call a pre-programmed outside telephone line and send a message via modem. If there is no modem at the pre-programmed number or no answer after 60 seconds, the system will call you. If you do not have a modem, you will hear a series of tones after answering the phone. Pressing any key on your tone dial telephone will acknowledge that someone has received the alarm call and the system will connect the answering phone to the Crown Jewel that has generated the alarm. The system will then turn on the audio to the answering phone so you can talk through the system to ward off intruders. If you do not wish to be connected to the gate, simply do not press a key on the telephone keypad and hang-up the receiver.

      b. Close a relay: If relay 2 is programmed as an alarm relay, the system will close that relay to activate a device the installer has connected to it, for example, a siren.

6. Timed control of doors and relays: The Crown Jewel system can automatically unlock/open any door/gate three times per day and lock/close it later that day, at times you specify. It can also activate any other device which is being controlled by the system's relays. You may also establish up to 10 holidays on which these schedules will not operate unless you want them to. Thus, if the doors are to be unlocked during normal business hours, you can have them remain locked on New Years Day if it falls on a weekday.

7. Free exit through a monitored gate: The system can provide free exit through either controlled entry to allow exit without causing a forced open condition.

8. Auxiliary keypad: An auxiliary keypad, located in a smaller but matching housing to the Crown Jewel's, can be connected to the Crown Jewel system for additional access control (for example, to control the ability to exit through the gate).

9. Direct resident control of doors/gates: The controlled doors or gates can be activated directly from your tone dial telephone

10. Resident originated communications: You can originate communications through the Crown Jewel at any time that an outside call is not in progress by picking up your telephone and dialing a "##6". This call will terminate automatically in 60 seconds unless you hang up sooner or extend the talk time by pressing a "1" on your telephone.

11. Off-site remote programming: The Crown Jewel system can be remotely programmed from any outside tone dial telephone.

12. Remote diagnostics: The Crown Jewel system can be called using a terminal connected to a Hayes-compatible modem or a personal computer running terminal emulation software connected to a Hayes-compatible modem. You can access the information concerning the system's operating parameters and the entry codes programmed into the system. See section 9 for a more detailed discussion of this feature.

13. Call forwarding: The Crown Jewel system can be programmed to call an outside telephone number when a visitor presses a "#" key on the front panel of the system. This will enable you to allow access to a visitor from a remote location.

14. Intercom operation: The Crown Jewel system can be used as an in-house intercom by allowing any phone in the house to call other phones in the house using a distinctive ring. When you use this feature, you will assign a designated ring count to each chosen person. When called, all phones on the same line will ring simultaneously. The person who is intended to answer the phone will hear their designated ring count and will pick up the phone. When they pick up the phone, the paged resident will be directly connected to the person making the call. Additionally, the Crown Jewel will provide this feature even if there is no telephone line present from the phone company.

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