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The Horizon


The Horizon System is one of the most flexible access control systems in existence today. It's user-friendly design also makes it one of the easiest to use. This section gives you an overview of how the system operates.

The Horizon system is capable of carrying out the following functions:


The Horizon system can store, recall, and dial the telephone numbers of your building's occupants and respond to signals from their telephones to unlock a door or activate a gate operator (or any other device you wish). A visitor is instructed to find the occupant's name on the system and will display one name at a time at the visitor's request. When the code is entered, the system will dial the associated telephone number. If the occupant answers the call, they can take one of four actions by dialing a number on their telephone (the system recognizes signals from their telephones using tone dialing only, except for action (A), which can also be initiated by a rotary/pulse dial telephone):

A) a "9" will activate relay 1 to open a door or gate. The message "ACCESS GRANTED - PLEASE ENTER NOW" will show on the display, and a short tone burst will be emitted.
B) a "5" will activate relay 2 to open a door or to turn on whatever device is controlled by this relay (if relay 2 is set for control).
C) a "*" will hang-up the Horizon system without allowing entry.
D) a "#" will extend the "call-time" (you can perform this action as often as you like in a conversation).


The Horizon system can be used to control the access of people who are authorized to be inside the building/complex with the use of entry codes. These 4-digit codes can be given to each occupant, service person, etc. or these codes can be limited to a few, or no, people. Each person enters their code on the keypad on the system's faceplate. If the code is valid, relay 1 will activate and the entrance will be unlocked/opened. A series of invalid codes (you set the number) within a 3-minute period will disable this function for 3 minutes. The rest of the system's capabilities will continue to operate. This function is known as "strikes-and-out".


Conditions are included in the system to make sure that the post office and fire department can gain access to your facility without having to contact anyone to let them in. These will be hooked up by your installer and the relevant agency, if needed.

This section covers some important tips on how to use and maintain your Horizon system. After you understand it completely, you should review this information, as well as that contained in section 1, with everyone who will use or maintain this system. Your installing dealer should also give you a single page of "User Instructions" that you can copy and give to each person. This training will make sure that user problems are minimized, which in turn will make your life easier. Even if this seems clear and uncomplicated to you, experience suggests that untrained users will initially have troubles.


1. When an occupant is allowing entry, neither party should hang-up until the occupant has pressed the appropriate key on his/her telephone.

2. The Horizon system has a feature that you (or anyone else you choose to tell about this feature) may use to initiate communication with the system. Dial the telephone number of the line to which the Horizon is connected and when it answers, press the "#" key on your telephone. This will establish two-way communications using the Horizon's speaker and microphone, but will not allow you to grant entry. The call will time out just like a call placed from the Horizon.


1. If someone enters part of their entry code incorrectly, they can clear the incorrect entry by pressing the "*" key once. They must start over at the beginning of the code.

2. When an incorrect entry code is made on the keypad, the system will normally display an "INVALID CODE - PLEASE WAIT" message for 3 seconds and then say "NOW TRY AGAIN". However, if this incorrect entry code causes the system to meet your "strikes-and-out" limit, the first message will say "INVALID ENTRY" not "INVALID CODE" and the "NOW TRY AGAIN" message will not appear. Moreover, for the next 3 minutes the system will respond "SYSTEM IN USE" anytime someone tries to enter an entry code at the keypad.


1. The window that protects your display in your system may have been treated with a special coating that essentially eliminates glare and makes it much easier to read the display (this is an option - consult your dealer to inquire if this has been purchased with your system). However, accumulated dirt or dust on the window or display can , over time, significantly reduce the readability of the display. Consequently, you should make sure that the window is kept clean, both on the outside and the inside. To clean the outside, use a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild solution of soap and water. DO NOT USE HARSH CLEANERS OR YOU WILL SCRATCH THE WINDOW.


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